Natural Beekeeping

Are you looking for a crash course in Natural Beekeeping? I’m here to tell you there are no shortcuts when learning how to care for your bees. The best way to learn about natural beekeeping is to read, then read some more. Read everything you can get your hands on. Online information, books from the library, and articles are all readily available.

What’s next?

Join a local Beekeeping Association, you’ll have the benefit of knowing what works in your area and have some seasoned beekeepers at your disposal for questions or problems you may have. This is especially important in your first year as a natural beekeeper. You can find a list of associations here: Beekeeping Association List

OK, now what? Doing….Stop thinking and start doing. Go build your first hive, you won’t be sorry! To help you, I’ve put together a collection of my favorite natural beekeeping articles and included them below in a handy zip file for you to download and read.

What will you find in this Natural Beekeeping collection?

All of the articles are based on natural beekeeping and the Warre Hive. You’ll learn:

  • Minimal Intrusion Beekeeping
  • The Principle of Nest Scent and Heat Retention
  • Wild bee colonies that have naturally survived varroa mites
  • Tips and techniques for natural and sustainable beekeeping
  • Even a guide for making your own wax starter strips for the top bars in your beehive

Click on the icon below to download this article pack. You’ll need to unzip the file and have adobe reader or foxit to read them.

Keep reading! Check out the books that are available at your local library. There are a ton of great beekeeping sites that are very informative:

Remember to keep an open mind and be ready to learn more about the hive and the honeybee.

Practice what you’ve learned, whenever you learn something new about natural beekeeping, try it on one of your own hives. You’ll learn more by doing.

Natural Beekeeping

I hope you Discover the benefits of Natural Beekeeping!

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